Where can I find a Sphynx cat


You just find out about the existence of the hairless cat or you already know Sphynx cat species and now you are looking for where you can find a Sphynx cat because you are seriously thinking to getting one or more than one at your home and here where you took the question: “where can I find a Sphynx cat”? Here we will try to answer your question.

First of all Sphynx cat is a rare cat species for several reasons: this kind of cat requires a lot of attention and special care so there are not so many breeders (and not all of the breeders take proper care of these wonderful animals).

In many Countries Sphynx cats are even not available and in some other very rare and in most of the cases you will not find purebred but something that looks similar and have not proper pedigree. On this point we recommend to be careful because if you want to get a real Sphynx cat you should always look for the pedigree and check health certificates of the cat and of their parents. Pure breed healthy cats will never stay in an animal market (where animals usually can get viruses or health diseases) but you should always find your Sphynx cat from a professional breeder online. This doesn’t mean that all online breeders are trustable but once you keep in mind this concept you can find an ethical and serious breeder that matches your needs. Another problem could be finding a Sphynx cat from a professional breeder that makes the business on scale: this usually means that they keep the breeding Sphynx Cats (mother and father of the kittens) almost always inside cages without giving to those animals a proper and happy life. So better to find amateur but serious breeders that consider Sphynx cats as his family members and are willing to share one of his family members with other people for passion, for love but also because to take care of these animals they will of course need funds. Mother of Sphynxes cats are just members of our family and all infrastructure created for them are just part of our daily interaction with our beloved hairless cats.

So where can I find a Sphynx cat of good quality? Having said all this you will have to look for a breeder that can gain your trust, show you the cattery and the cats with a video conference because you need to be sure that the breeder and the Sphynx Cats are real and it is not a scum. Unfortunately there are many scums around Sphynx cat like the one that shaved with cream a normal cat and sold it for 750 USD to an ingenuous customer. Remember that Sphynx Cats are a complicated species to breed so the real breeders will never sell a kitten for that price and as often happens thinking to make a great deal ends up in a fraud.

So before buying any Sphynx cat we recommend also to join some group where people warn about bad catteries (the catteries that cheat customers). Here a group that we would like to recommend:

Bed Sphynx catteries

And of course if you will be interested in our of Sphynx kittens for sale we will be happy to arrange an appointment on WhatsApp or Skype and show you the kitten (if it will be not a pre-sale) or show you our healthy and funny cats (perhaps with the pregnant queen) at Mother of Sphynxes cattery.

Where can I find a Sphynx cat that can reach my home? Well some breeders like us deliver cats Worldwide so you will have two options: find a local breeder near you or find your Sphynx cat from a breeder like us that can send you the Sphynx wherever you are. In this last case you will have more options and probably a more expert breeder will be able to give you a better kitten or cat.

Finally you should think about “where can I find a Sphynx cat in accordance with my Country animal immigration rules“? To answer this question we insert a list by Country and if your is not included please contact us and if you are interested about our kitten we will find the best solution to send the Sphynx cat in your Country.