Sphynx cat breeder - Mother of Sphynxes Cattery

Sphynx cat breeder – Mother of Sphynxes Cattery

Canadian Sphynx cattery based in Thailand with Worldwide delivery: we are Mother of Sphynxes cattery. Before we start: consider rescuing a street/shelter cat today + spay/neuter & vaccinate!
Mother of Sphynxes Cattery is an Outstanding Cattery in The International World Cat Federation (WCF) and registered Canadian Sphynx cattery with the Bureau of Animal Industry in Thailand as Area FiftyOne cattery (a recorded cattery in Thailand can not use numbers and the species name).
Our kittens and cats who are exported around the world, are products of lines provided exclusively to us by our mentors. Among the best, they are the fruit of decades of professional breeding, and their ancestors have won multiple local and international awards in TICA, CFA & WCF.
We breed only a limited amount of Spyhnx cats per year for discerning clients that desire lifetime quality companions.
Our Sphynx kittens/cats are not for free or cheap & we inform & screen clients prior to discussing pricing to ensure they go to good homes capable of caring for their every need, their entire lifetimes.
If seriously interested, review our information below.



Mother of Sphynxes Cattery is the only source of our show quality WCF purebred/pedigreed cats and kittens which we export around the world from our home in Rawai, Phuket island, Thailand.



•For quality & health we only place felines that we raise ourselves in Thailand and in our Sub Brunch. We do not entertain or use middlemen/reseller-importers.
•To preserve the breeds we work with for future generations, protect them from backyard/unauthorized breeders, kitten mills and other similar forms of abuse, and in accordance with established international ethical breeding guidelines; we do not provide cats for breeding, stud-services or resale.
•All our kittens are ethically raised, come from show-winning lines – tested and guaranteed negative for hidden genetic, viral and other diseases such as HCM & FELV-FIV and others.
•They go to new homes:
•At least 3.5 months and up, healthy and with complete vaccines (2 x 3-in-1, 1x Anti-Rabies) & prophylaxis (de-worming), a Vet Health Certificate.
•With an IATA approved Pet Carrier, Pet Passport, Microchipped, with Verifiable WCF Registration. Fully socialized, human-oriented, toilet trained.



Mother of Sphynxes cattery has been created with the intent to breed with love our unique sphynx cats. What we appreciate of this cat is especially their singularity, their unique sweetness. So our main concept is to reward those wonderful creatures by breeding them with all possible love and bring so many wonderful components of our family to become part of other people family happiness.

Canadian Sphynx cattery should never means Sphynx factory but it should always means Sphynx farm bred with love. if you are looking for a truly wonderful pet unlike any other available, look no further. Mother of Sphynxes kittens are for you. What is about our Canadian Sphynx cattery? Embodying the best traits of a Sphynx cat and those of that best friend that you could always count on, a Sphynx cat from our Sphynx cattery is amazingly unique.

Mother of Sphynxes is a Canadian sphynx cattery located in Phuket island, Thailand. Run by long time animal lover and breeders. We have two main lines: blue Sphynx kittens for sale and seal point Sphynx kittens for sale.

The concept of our Canadian Sphynx Cattery is “To give to other families what these special cats have given to us” is not only Mother of Sphynxes Mission statement, it is the principle on which the Canadian Sphynx cattery is run. Each cat or kitten is cared for with the love and attention that it deserves. Countless hours go into the care of your kitten so that it will be as wonderful and bring as much happiness to you as is promised. Furthermore, their health is guaranteed.

Our cattery is designed to be a location where Sphynx cats can spend time all together, relax, play, sleep but not only. Our cattery is also the set of our photography shootings and video recordings.

In our cattery we built many toys and assembled many scenographic effects with the dual purpose of entertain cats and at the same time give an original touch to our contest. In fact we don’t only create modern toys as the cat tank but we focused on toys and scenography related to the ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egypt can be a suggestive and intriguing background for the Sphynx cat because, even this cat species was not originated in such contest, it took its name from Bastet that was the ancient goddess of Egypt worshiped in the form of a cat. Bastet was so similar to modern Sphynx cat so that this species took their actual name recalling the shape of a sphinx.

The cattery is also the common area where all groups of Sphynx cats every day have chance to play together but at evening and night is also the honeymoon suite where females on heat mate with their male boyfriends, in order to give to those cats some privacy and space where male can court the female.