Australia is a Country that loves Sphynx Cats and there is also a breeding tradition in the Country. Animals immigration laws in Australia are very strict so in order to let a pet enter the Country it is necessary to prepare health certificates before Sphynx cat arrival and it will follow a quarantine period but following all Australia immigration rules against rabies there are not problem importing a Sphynx cat.

Sphynx cat Australia

Sphynx cat Australia

Australia is a Country that already knows Sphynx Cats and its beautiful breed and is also a Country that matches well with the naked cats because the culture of Australian people usually give a natural predisposition to share life with the hairless cats.

If you are interested in Sphynx Cats (naked cat, hairless cat) and you are located in Australia this website, this page and our cattery have been created also for people like you. In fact Mother of Sphynxes is an international cattery (we deliver Sphynx kittens and cats Worldwide) located in Thailand that is not too far from Australia. Our location gives us direct knowledge about how Sphynx Cats live in this geographical area.

Providing Sphynx kitten for sale from Thailand to your Country is our mission in order to provide you the most healthy and pure breed Sphynx Cats. First of all Sphinx cat is a rare animal: in many Countries is not even available and is many others its presence is rare and the quality of the Sphynx Cats is even not guaranteed by pedigree, healthcares certificates and Sphynx Cats special cares. So on this website you will be able to find Sphynx cats for sale in Australia: you can pre book one of the members of our family or find one of those that are already born.

Yes, you read it correctly Sphynx cat is not only a rare cat but is also an animal that requires special care but Sphynx cat is not just a cat like the others: Sphynx cat is an investment about love! Sphynx cats have been recognized as the most affectionate to humans. Basically Sphynx cat behavior is very similar to dogs and Sphynx cats are also really connected and in love with their human tutor(s)/family.

Sphynx cat body temperature is also 2 celsius hotter than other cats and the tropical whether in Australia is ideal for this species because they will not suffer the cold weather like they could in cold Countries.

Sphynx cat Australia is also an excellent solution for all those people that are allergic to pet fur or need to find a pet that is suitable for living at home and can find a perfect integration with human life.

Another reason to choose Sphynx cat Australia is to find a pet that is always playful and give every day great company. Please also note that in order to take a Sphynx cat at your home in Australia you will need to be able to dedicate at least 1 hour per day to your pet: wash it/them at least once every 1 or 2 weeks, brush his/her/them teeth at least 1 time per week, give premium quality food and make every year the proper vaccination. A Sphynx cat could also be happier if it has at least another pet or Sphynx cat to live with, so that when you will be not with your pet the cat will not feel too lonely or bored.

Your Sphynx cat Australia can also travel with you: the beaches, the mountains, the forest but please note that when you will move around with your naked cat, you will need to book an hotel that allow cats inside their rooms and that the Sphynx cat skin is very delicate so don’t expose your hairless cat to the sun for long time.

In order to choose your Sphynx cat Australia you should find an ethical and certified breeder that can give you both the guarantee about the pure breed with the Sphynx cat pedigree, then all healthy checks about cat parents. It is also very important that the breeder provide all requested attention breeding Sphynx Cats, as follow: enough space, enough time to spend together, grade A food and proper hygienic conditions. All those requirements are not only an ethical matter but they will also affect the quality and health of your beloved kitten. In fact, Sphynx Cats are an expensive species for several reasons as follows: breeding exotic cat breeds such as sphinxes is a huge financial responsibility. It takes a lot of work in breeding them as they require special care compared to other cat breeds. Maintenance, HCM heart scans, blood tests, screenings, supplies, and initial veterinary care generally cost sphynx breeders a lot of money. The cost of initial medical tests alongside their nutrition and basic needs can all add up pretty fast.

Sphynx cats are very high maintenance when it comes to food. They have extra fast metabolisms, so they would need more food than the average feline.

They are also prone to having IBD, goopy ears and skin infections, so it is a must to supplement them with a high-quality diet to prevent outbreaks.

Feeding them a raw diet or specialized cat food is highly recommended. Sphynx cats can form a greasy film all over their bodies, which means you need to give them more frequent baths using a specially formulated soap.

If you don’t bathe them often, they will stink and leave an oil slick all over your place—your bed, your clothes, your tables, counters, floor, sofa. Everywhere.

In addition, their skin is also more sensitive compared to other cats and requires special attention. Since they do not have fur to protect their skin, they are at high risk for scratches, cuts, sunburns, and skin irritations.

At last but not at least Mother of Sphynxes cattery is a great opportunity if you are in love with Sphynx cat Australia because we can provide you best quality Sphynx Cats almost always with 5 generations pedigree directly to your home without importing a cat from another Country: that is a very complicated procedure that usually costs more than the cat itself including agents delivery fees, flights and importing taxation. In fact we can export our Sphynx Cats in Australia in order to give you the chance to find the kitten of our Sphynx Cats available there.

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested to find your best Sphynx cat Australia contact us by email filling the form or sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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